Another World Lightroom Preset

anotherworldpreviewA slightly HDR-esque set of Lightroom presets to enhance your photos.

The presets work better on images with many details and textures, also be aware that the effect is very strong, especially around the edges. You should probably adjust the fill light and restore values if you see some artifacts on the image.

Anyway, have fun with this preset!


How to install presets on Lightroom?

Click on Preferences, select Presets tab and click on Show Lightroom Presets Folder… button.Uncompress the ZIP file, move the folder in the Lightroom Presets Folder/Develop Presets and relaunch Lightroom.

Download  Another World Free Preset for Lightroom

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5 thoughts on “Another World Lightroom Preset

  1. smokentires

    love the preset thankyou, the #3 looks Great on dragsters and rat rods. It gives these cars a hard edge look and then I can tweak them a bit more. Looking forward to othe presets.

  2. Fatboystudios

    I just love these presets. They can make any normal pic just pop. The work is just awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. =)

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