10 Great Pixelpost Templates

What’s great about Pixelpost is the wide selection of templates and addons available.. and if you’re not satisfied, creating a new cool template or a useful addon is relatively easy.

So, let’s take a look to the best Pixelpost templates out there.

Dark Matter
Dark Matter is a great theme with some cool fancy Ajax animations and a carousel effect to browse your photos.
You can find a Free version of this template and a Pro version with various extras (it’s $49.95). And yes,
ReallyJapan is using a customized version of the free version.


Free version Demo
Pro version Demo
Dark Matter’s Home Page
Download Dark Matter

Switchy is an interesting template that changes its layout according to the orientation of the photo.
The layout is very clean
and easy to customize.
Sunset • Pixelpost Demo.jpg

Check the demo here
Download Switchy

Very clean and simple layout that let’s your photograph speek for it self. It wraps around both big and small images.

Check the demo here
Download Pixelfy

Delicious is a fresh and tastey photoblogging template for Pixelpost. It’s a very nice theme and I’ve used it for the first version of ReallyJapan.com.

Check the demo here
Download the updated version by Andrew here

The World in 35mm
An extremely clean, modern and simple template for pixelpost you’re going to love, I do. One of the best IMO.UofA Liquors | The World in 35mm | © Joe Roback, 2007-2009. All Rights Reserved.-1.jpg

Try the demo here
Download from here

If you want a template with an unusual layout and some interesting features, check this out.

Tree Reflections • Pixelution.jpg

Check the demo here
Download Pixelution

Hoo! (Pixelpost template for iPhone)
Well, have you ever visited ReallyJapan.com using your iPhone? Well, you should, because it uses this template to offer you an iPhone customized version.
Now, you need to mess a little with php and your pixelpost installation to have the browser detect if you’re using an iPhone or a regular browser and switch the template… It’s not hard, but it’s not extremely easy.. I did it and maybe, if someone is interested, I could write a small tutorial on how to use this template in the future..

Download Hoo

A simple, dark and clean template.
Demo for FOCUS template _._ Your are viewing the new template focus 3.0.1 beta.jpg
Check the demo here
Download Focus

Photographer’s Template
A template geared more towards a self promotional site for photographers.

bad arrow photography __ Concert and Musician Photography __ 908.500.0403.jpg

Try the demo here
Download the template

A very nice template with a new, fresh web2.0 look.

Raia demo.jpg
Try the demo here
Download Raia

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9 thoughts on “10 Great Pixelpost Templates

  1. Nolawi

    thanks man…

    hope you are going to update this as we get more themes… i am sad to say there are only a few good one…

  2. Andy

    Very cool! I have thought about switching to Pixelpost but I am afraid I will lose all my WordPress posts and comments 🙁

  3. Charley

    I’m looking for guidelines on creating my own Pixelpost template – namely if I can use php pages instead of html template pages like the original simple template uses.

    Anyone know?


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