Starway to Heaven
Starway to Heaven
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focal length:30 mm
focal length:30 mm
aperture:f 2.8
shutter:1/50 sec
Capture data:2008-05-27 18:40:49

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Yesterday's afternoon a man went on a stabbing rampage in Tokyo's downtown Akihabara district, killing seven people and injuring 10.
This man, 25 years old, drove a truck into a crowd of pedestrians (killing 3 people) on the closed-off main avenue of the Akihabara electronics district about 12:30 p.m. He left the vehicle handing a commando knife and started knifing on the back the people who were helping the men previously hit by the truck.
After that he just walked on the street chasing and hitting people, this until some cop stopped him.
One of the dead was a 21-year-old woman, the other six were men aged between 19 and 74 years.
Among the victims a father, who was in Akihabara with the family to buy the first computer to his son..

My mother called me to know if I was ok, and actually I wasn't at home and I didn't know what just happened. I thought it was just some crazy man with a knife, maybe someone have been injured but as soon as I turned on tv I realized it was much, much worse..

The reason why this man killed so many people? Well here his words:
`I came to Akihabara to kill people, I am tired of the world. Anyone was OK.' (to kill)

That's just plain, plain, crazy.. I completely don't understand how you can take your family on a sunny weekend for a trip somewhere, and being stabbed and killed by a man just because he wanted to kill someone and "anyone was ok"..

I feel so heartily sorry for the families of the victims..

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