Blade Runner Alley #2
Blade Runner Alley #2
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focal length:30 mm
focal length:30 mm
aperture:f 1.4
shutter:1/60 sec
Capture data:2008-07-30 18:59:40

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Same location of the other "Blade Runner Alley" photo.
It's a very interesting narrow street, however a lot of those small bars are now abandoned. Actually, all that place looks half abandoned, dusty, with crashed windows and doors, however the neon lights are still on.
I guess just after WWII there were a lot of those kind of places, but now the owners are getting older and their sons probably have different plans than running a small bar under a railroads bridge.
Something like that is happening all over the world of course, but it's somehow sad, because those small bars are the soul of Tokyo.

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