Sleepy neighborhood
Sleepy neighborhood
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focal length:12 mm
focal length:12 mm
shutter:0 sec
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Last night I took some photos of the neighborhood from the balcony of my apartment. I wanted to make my first HDR so I used a tripod and took a lot of shots at different exposure.
However, the area where I'm living now is very "local" and peaceful, no skyscrapers or creepy building.. and today when I processed the shots in HDR I was not so satisfied with the results.. I guess HDR works well for some subjects but not so well with other scenes, so at the end I just used two long exposure shots (5 minutes or something like that) and combined together to make this shot.

It's not an amazing shot.. however I decided to put it on my gallery just to show you a) what I see from my balcony :) and B) that Tokyo is not always creepy, futuristic or super-urban :)

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