Eating Yakitori
Eating Yakitori
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focal length:50 mm
focal length:50 mm
aperture:f 1.4
shutter:1/80 sec
Capture data:2008-10-26 21:22:03

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Wow, long time no see! I'm really sorry, I've been pretty busy lately and my photoblog had very few shots last month.. I've quit my fulltime job on the first days of october and started working as freelance.. in the last month I had to redesign a fashion shop, (web and mobile) and some other stuff.. also my best friend came to visit me from Italy and we had a great time together.. I've also introduced him to the world of photography eheh..
Anyway, I took this shot in Shinbashi, just next the railroad station, where you can eat yakitori (grilled chicken speared on sticks) outside.. the tables are just plastic beer cases! And yeah, IMO in this kind of places you can eat the best yakitori in tokyo!

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