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focal length:150 mm
focal length:150 mm
aperture:f 5.6
shutter:1/1600 sec
Capture data:2008-11-17 14:43:50

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I've always loved my WII.. it's cool, the wii controller is revolutionary.. still, the games somehow suck. It's not that there aren't good titles, some stuff like Mario, wii music, and some racing games are pretty funny.. but, I mean, all these games are for casual players, from 5 to 105 years... excluding the range 15-40. I want something violent! A few days ago I was buying something in a department store when I saw Resistance 2 for PS3.. OMG! That's cool, huge spaceships, monsters, aliens and go go go this kind of stuff.. amazing graphics and of course, everything in HD.. So, it's sure.. I'm gonna buy a PS3 soon! In the meanwhile, I played with photoshop and here it is, Resistance Japan edition from eheheh :) hope you like this 'shot from the future'.. not a very happy and bright future, though.

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