Armored Troopers
Armored Troopers
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Great stuff Black Friday! I received a 50% discount coupon on Content Paradise and decided to buy some 3D models to use on my shots from the future series. Some time ago I was thinking to make my own 3D models, however just working on photoshop to create a realistic scene takes a lot of time.. and if I had to make my own 3D models too, wow.. Just too troublesome! So, here it is, a new shot from 2047 .

Two 3V-17 armored troopers of Hitachi ambushing a ZKT Mitsubishi mecha on the streets of Tokyo, near Ueno. As you know, in 2040 the PRC has economically conquered half the world. Western countries as well as Japan have closed their borders, their power has incredibly decreased and huge multinational corporations have taken control of the country replacing the government. In Japan the big zaibatsus have split the country in many zones. Ueno (where I took this shot) has been for many years under control of Hitachi family, however recently the Mitsubishi family is increasily extending its reach on this zone of Tokyo... long story short, the future is a mess!

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