The Railroad Track
The Railroad Track
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focal length:5.1 mm
focal length:5.1 mm
aperture:f 2.8
shutter:1/320 sec
Capture data:2009-05-12 10:00:11

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Ok, this is the first photo on ReallyJapan I took using a different camera than my Nikon D80. Yes, I've very recently bought a Panasonic LX-3, a compact camera, however I'm absolutely in love with this little Panasonic. The lens (Leica) is incredibly sharp, with a maximum aperture of 2.0 - 2.8 on a focal range of 24-60mm (35mm equivalent). No need to use flash at night with such a fast lens! (Oh, and I forgot to say, its retro design is awesome!)
So, while I'll continue using my Nikon for image quality and serious stuff, the LX-3 is certainly going to stay on my pocket wherever i go!

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