Turning down the noise
Turning down the noise
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I took this photo visiting Lamma Island, in the southwest of Hong Kong Island. It's a small island where about 6,000 people live. The atmosphere is amazing, relaxing and peaceful. Oh, and there are NO automobiles but few small fire trucks and ambulances.. Just take a walk or buy a bicycle! Rents should be cheap and there are many expatriates living on the island (and consequently.. beach parties).. It's also a popular destination for artists and musicians..
Anyway.. right now I'd like to move in a place like that.. jeez, I like Tokyo but.. I need some rest.. I need to turn down the noise..

Any advice? Where's a good place to live?

By the way.. checkout the quad bikes of the Fire & Rescue Services --> http://www.compunicate.com/Lamma-zine/includes_news.html#Sep24

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  • rian // 2009-09-29 21:29:27

    that sure is one nice scene you captured there.. if you wanna tone down and capture awesome seascapes, try palawan in the philippines.. ;D
  • Liang // 2009-09-30 06:34:05

    looks like a shot after a long day of work... =]
  • Jillian // 2009-10-03 13:31:21

    I cannot tell if this is very early morning or very late afternoon? I love the blue hue - very eerie.
  • Brent // 2009-11-28 13:37:00

    Hey there, you said you like Tokyo, but want a quiet place to live.

    I recommend Tsukuba. Its great for foreigners. And less than 2 hours from Tokyo.

    Thus, you can commute here rather easily.