Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji
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Sorry about the lack of updates!
I've been pretty busy recently, so much work and.. I also got married last month! ;)

Also, I jumped on the iOs development bandwagon, and there are some interesting apps that I'm planning to make..
My first app, the PipClock, a post-apocalyptic clock/weather widget with some funny features like a Geiger counter and stuff like that, has been approved few days ago.
Check it out, especially if you have an iPhone and you know a game called Fallout (PipClock is inspired to the PipBoy, an important device in that game)... or anyway, if you like post-apocalyptic stuff!
The website is, you can see some screenshot and videos..
And if you decide to download my app (thank you!) remember to write a review on the AppStore!

Byebye! Ruben

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