Pray For Japan
Pray For Japan
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In the last months I've been quite busy and I've not updated my photoblog very often.

However, as you may know, this amazing and beautiful country, has recently been struck with a devastating natural disaster. I live in Tokyo, and when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit, I honestly thought we were going to die. I've never experienced an earthquake that strong and long, I was terrified.
But, in Tokyo, we are lucky. Besides the continuous aftershocks, shortages in the supermarkets and the possibility of black-outs we're fine. We're alive.

The north-east unfortunately has not been so lucky.

There are more than 15.000 people dead or missing. An incredible number of people have no home, no electricity, no water, no food, no gasoline. They're also experiencing a terrible weather right now, snow, cold, with few supplies. Many streets have been destroyed and it's hard to reach a lot of shelters.

There's a lot of talk, especially from foreign press, about the dangerous situation of the Fukushima powerplant. It's a dangerous situation, it's true, and everyone is scared (but not panicking) BUT believe me, many tv channels like CNN or FOX News are doing a terrible job in their work, distorting the news to create sensationalistic headlines and increase their tv share.

The real tragedy is not the nuclear power plant. The real tragedy is all the people that died after the tsunami, and all the survivors in the north east facing terrible conditions.

I'm in Tokyo, and even if many embassies are asking their citizens to leave the country, me, and many other foreigners living here are not leaving.
Because this is our country, this is the place where we live. We're not scared about black-outs, shortage of gasoline and food. We want to stay here with our Japanese friends, to help each other in this terrible moment.
We're not turning our back and running away from this beautiful place and their incredible people.

Please, if you can, do your part in helping this country. Look at the hundreds of photos I took in the last years.
This country need your help.

You can give an offer to help Japan through Google Website, iTunes ( and many others.

Please, help Japan.

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