Teen girls in Chinatown
Teen girls in Chinatown
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Some teenagers outside a convenience store in Yokohama.

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  • Mico // 2008-05-08 17:47:19

    Nice Capture
  • Jonas // 2008-05-08 20:42:57

    There is something like a rebel perfume there. Love it !
  • Marie // 2008-05-08 21:04:49

    jolie scène de vie quotidienne.
  • mjm // 2008-05-08 21:55:06

    Great shot, you would never see girls like these where I am from.
    Actually, probably could find them, I just don't know where to look ;-)
  • Oswegan // 2008-05-09 03:31:18

    I like your new comment form. You just need a cookie setter now.

    Great colors in this image. Do you do this technique with an overlay layer?
  • eric kim // 2008-05-09 04:35:52

    Cool new website! Love the high contrast here. Makes for a good processing technique for street shots.
  • crash // 2008-05-09 06:02:03

    is that a big pink bow on the boot? kids!
  • Jeff T // 2008-05-09 10:05:07

    Great redesign, I like the new style. I too am curious about how you processed this image - it looks great. Nice effect
  • John Maslowski // 2008-05-09 10:17:36

    Like the design of your new site, very impressive, Nice shot of these lovely young ladies. Great job composing and processing this image.
  • Sean // 2008-05-09 10:25:16

    It appears that teenage girls dress the same all across the world. I hope that burlap sacks are fashionable when my girls are this age.

    I second the notion of you sharing your technique with us.
  • Ruben - ReallyJapan // 2008-05-09 11:18:31

    No! The technique is mine... my own... my precious!
    just kidding ;)

    Yeah, I'm thinking to start a blog someday, to track my progress on photography and processing shots, maybe next month..
    In these days I'm pretty busy.. you know, work.. work and.. work? but also.. my parents came to Tokyo about one week ago (from Italy.. before I moved to Japan they've never traveled outside Europe) and now are staying at my incredibly small apartment.. I'm eating a lot of wonderful pasta though..

    So, chotto matte kudasai ne, as soon as I have some time I'll start a blog!

  • Alejandra // 2008-05-09 19:07:36

    Love this shot! The girls are like anime personages, with long hair and long legs...I like the processing too!!
    You can make monthly tutorials like David of Chromasia :)
    Enjoy the pasta...and your parents...;)
  • francesco // 2008-05-10 04:07:29

    Wonderful shot! Tells a story in someway.
    Btw to obtain a similar effect i think you can:
    1) Duplicate the layer in photshop
    2) Set the first layer to B/W (do not use desaturate! use channel mixer)
    3) set the blending option to hard light.
    3) play with the trasparency of the layer
    That should do.
    I think here there are more advanced things, but for the rest of us (who suck at photoshop9) this tecnique will give pretty nice results.
  • flo // 2008-05-14 21:56:51

    in this one and the preceding, people are like dolls,
    your [secret] treatment with the special black & colors accentuate this impression (for me)
  • mark hill // 2008-05-26 11:06:48

    Its like a Japanized version of a Diesel ad.
    I like what it says. It shows that is not all kawaii , shits, and giggles. Ok maybe it shows the rough side of kawaii. Them sitting on the curb is rebelious if you know Japanese culture. Its like they are not affraid to get dirty. I kinda feel like they somehow are communicating ownership of the space. This is not their first time at that place. Kind of like when you see obasans in a cafe- they take over- they own it- its their hood.
  • Liang // 2008-07-17 13:27:29

    I've got to say Ruben. Wherever you take pictures in Japan, it gives me more of a reason to shoot here. this is DEFINITELY one of those reasons haha. Very lively!
  • Klaus // 2008-08-18 15:14:07

    One of my favorite urban shot's over all blogs!!! Realy Japan;-)
  • Ani // 2010-10-16 23:00:10

    Very honesty and beauti girl
  • bass // 2011-03-30 18:28:49

    bass Wow, the colors are amazing...
  • بطالة السعودية // 2011-06-14 01:21:39

    good colour .. Cool shot!
    i like it.
  • Melvina // 2011-12-17 20:42:43

    BS low - raitoanltiy high! Really good answer!
  • Olivenoel // 2012-01-29 10:35:13

    Olivenoel Wow, the colors are amazing...
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