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Marimokkori Dance!


Marimokkori is a character popularized in HokkaidoJapan. Much like the Tamagochi, the name “Marimokkori” is a pun: marimo is the word for the green algae clusters that grow in some of Hokkaido‘s lakes, while mokkori is a Japanese slang term for an erection.

Marimokkori’s fame comes through merchandising, with a number of various souvenirs being sold in Hokkaid? and throughout Japan.

And here’s a Morimokkori boy band:


If you’re interested, you can also buy a Marimokkori CD (a great idea for Xmas ahah!)

Daido Moriyama on compact camera

youtube-daido-moriyama-on-compact-camera-_-e6a3aee5b1b1e5a4a7e98193e8ab96e99aa8e8baabe79bb8e6a99fDo you still think you need a Nikon D300, a Hasselblad or an extremely expensive lens to become a great photographer? Well, think again.

In this video Daido Moriyama explain you how a small compact camera is a lot better than a reflex to take street shots.

Of course, each person has his/her own style, maybe you (and me too) like to have the quality and versatility of a DSLR.. try to think If Ansel Adams have had just a compact camera to take photographs…

But the main points here are:

  • It’s not impossible to take great photos with a compact camera.
  • You can be a great photographer with any camera.
  • It’s all about creativity.

So, next time you have a slow lens, no flash, and you want to take street shots at night.. Don’t say it’s impossible, just bump your iso and use you camera creatively!


Ahh, too bad, the video has been removed by Youtube due to terms of use violation 🙁